I know its been forever but...

I know its been forever, so I figure I should probably update you guys with whats going on in my life.
However, its late and I have an essay to write.
So I'll get to that sometime in the next few days.
However, I will say, for some reason, I have the incredible urge to write something involving Yuuko. However, Watanuki and Doumeki are so gay its practically impossible that even I can't write Watanuki/Yuuko as much as I'd like to, which, considering how much I like Yuuko- is alot. Maybe I could just write myself in instead.....

On second thought, that would just be weird.

Damn you CLAMP for not letting me write good het!


I finally pre-registered for Otakon!!!!

Just so you know.
and stop bugging me.

Chris, will of course, wait till Friday, no matter what I tell him.

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God, I've never felt so restless in my entire life. Normally, I've got to track to put all my energy into, but after I got hurt all I can do is just sit around and watch. No practicing, no meets, I've got nothing to do anymore besides study - not to mention AP's have crippled my social life. And now that my 4 AP (fucking 4!) tests are actually coming up I know that all I should be doing is studying but I just really don't have the drive. Sure, I try, but I can't study for more than like a half hour without wanting to just get up and run around and do something.  But there's nothing to do besides study. I feel like I'm stuck in a cage. Nowhere to go, nothing to do but just watch. I'm tired of watching.

Senior year is so close to being over but its driving me up the freaking wall. All I wanted was to go out in a blaze of glory. Kick ass at states, destroy my tests and go Hell Yea I Graduated! but now I can't.
Just feels like I've got nothing left.

Why Me?
Why Now?

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When you're in a town like this all covered with smoke, you forget that there's a world outside. Nothing amazing happens here. And you get used to that, used to a world where everything is ordinary. Every day we spend here is like a whole lifetime of dying slowly. 
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